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Q&A with blogger Holly Becker


Decor8 design blog was one of the first design blogs in the world when you started writing it in 2006. How did it all begin?

I wanted to share my passion for interiors and at that time, I was working as an interior designer with clients and thought it would be an interesting way for me to connect with my clients as well as to potentially reach new ones. I also had hoped authoring a blog would get me in front of magazine editors because I wanted to also write about decorating in addition to working with my clients to not only supplement my income, but because I’ve always loved to write and felt that I had a voice to lend that would perhaps be a fresh, less stuffy approach to interiors. Back then, I felt interior design needed to be more fun and approachable – I wanted to bring that spirit to decorating and I definitely have done that through my blog and books over the years which makes me very happy. The name, decor8, is a creative play on the word Decorate.

What is the essence of decor8? 

decor8 is where those passionate about design go when they want to find inspiration all about creative living and finding joy in your life and translating that into your home style. The decor8 style is happy, creative, fresh, international, approachable, colorful, eclectic and very personal.

What inspires you especially right now? 

I can’t stop following Dimore Studio in Milan at the moment, I’m pretty obsessed with those two guys and what they are doing ever since seeing them this past April in Milan. It was amazing to walk through their gallery and see how they arrange spaces in such a creative and magical way. I am also very inspired by the new collaborations that IKEA has with HAY and Piet Hein Eek, and the new cafeteria design for all of their stores globally that they are working on with Ilse Crawford. I’m also very inspired by how Germany has evolved style-wise since I moved here 8 years ago. Today, it’s quite loaded with beautiful design, great shops and cafes, and fabulous magazines and books for inspiration. I don’t feel like I have to travel outside of Germany anymore to find inspiration, there is plenty in the country to keep me inspired and busy.

Where do you live and what a regular day of yours is like? 

I’m American, moved from Boston to northern Germany in 2009 where I currently live with my husband Thorsten and my 3,5 year old son Aidan. I work 2–3 hours in the morning, an hour in the afternoon and 4 hours each night, so 8 hours a day. My schedule fits around my son who is home with me during the day. My husband and I share his care and split the day up so I can work and be with him. I work on Saturdays for a few hours and on Sunday, I only work at night for a few hours to prep for the new week.

Best decoration advice you were ever given? 

That a home is a never-ending art project, a story book with many chapters, something you’ll never complete, and to enjoy it without an “end” goal in mind. Enjoy the process of adding, editing, buying, selling, moving, painting, re-painting. It’s your space to be creative and enjoy.

How would you describe the style of your home? 

Eclectic, Happy, Busy, Imperfect. Just like me.

The theme of Habitare is this year Tomorrow’s home. What does that bring to your mind? 

It makes me think that we have to be more conscientious of what we bring into our home today, because it should be with us tomorrow also (versus in the trash). Think about what you are bringing home and make sure it’s something you will enjoy and keep for awhile, that it’s well made, quality, something you cherish. Of course, it’s fine to have those trend items that you sell later at a flea market, but for anything you will invest in, like a sofa or beautiful tableware, to think more about keeping it around for tomorrow. To think ahead.

How many followers does your blog have today? Over a 1.5 million across my channels, and I’m so happy about this!

Holly Becker is an Author, Interior Stylist, Founder and Editor of decor8blog.com and bloggingyourway.com and one of Habitare’s international bloggers. Her book in Finnish is called Sisusta tyylillä. Holly’s will give a speech at Habitare on Thu 15 at 11:30.