Perjantai 15.9.2017

Ahead-hallin Arena-ohjelmalavan juontajana Hanna Sumari
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13.00 KEYNOTE: Harry Charrington, Professor, Architect

Before the Myth:  Aalto Furniture in 1930s London
It’s difficult to imagine a time when Aalto was not famous. To imagine when people could just see Aino and Alvar Aalto’s work for what it is – and not as a brand. But that was the case when, between 1933 and 1939, the London company Finmar commissioned and purchased approximately 70% of the total production of Aalto Furniture (as opposed to Finland consuming only about 10% in the same period). In this lecture I will consider why Aalto Furniture was so successful in the UK, and how British consumption showed a demand for modern furniture that was inexpensive, elegant, flexible, durable, wooden, cosy, as well as visibly modern – not necessarily in that order. I will also show how this success – and the problems that came with it – led to the founding of Artek in 1935, as well as Aalto’s later global reputation.


14.00 United Stories collaboration between Finland and China, South Korea and Japan

How different culture can be fusioned in design? The designers tell the process and experience of collaborations.
” Cloud  Shan Shui – crosscultural influences in visual design between China and Finland” Pan Jianfeng
“South Korean traditional dyeing technique of textile and Finnish weaven textile” Soon Ja and Johanna Gullichsen
“Japanese local productions and Finnish aethtetic” Maija Puoskari, Hanna Anonen and Timo Niskanen


15.30 Kaj Frank palkinto: Juhani Salovaaran haastattelu

Design Forum Finland jakaa vuosittain Kaj Franck -palkinnon, joka on yksi Suomen merkittävimpiä muotoilupalkintoja. 2016 sen sai professori, teollinen muotoilija Juhani Salovaara. Salovaaran teolliseen muotoiluun painottuva näyttely Habitaressa on läpileikkaus yli 40-vuotisesta suunnittelijaurasta. Esillä on sarjatuotteita, kuvia, piirroksia ja muutama uniikkiteoskin. Salovaara on ensimmäisiä Suomessa teolliseen muotoiluun alusta alkaen erikoistuneita suunnittelijoita. Hän on ollut mukana tuomassa ergonomian ja sitä kautta käyttäjälähtöisen suunnittelun periaatteita Suomeen. Salovaaran työ vastuullisen muotoilun puolestapuhujana on jatkunut ympäristöseikkojen huomioon ottamisena suunnittelussa.


16.00 KEYNOTE: Marwa Al-Sabouni, Architecht and author of The Battle for Home

The Backstage of Reconstruction in Syria: A threshold between emergency and investment.
Mostly in rubble now, Syrian cities will soon need reconstruction. Indeed, even while the conflict is still ongoing and the destruction hasn’t stopped yet; preparations for reconstruction are undergoing on different fronts. It will be a decisive moment as it will be dictating the fate of millions of displaced people who have lost their homes and work places, but on the whole, the reconstruction will decide the shape of future economy, social fabric, and most importantly stability of the war-torn country. Though on-ground examples; the talk will be addressing these issues and ask important question to this critical aftermath: What is the difference between building buildings and building homes? What kind of risks does the reconstruction face in post-civil war context? When can the reconstruction begin? What are the main challenges? What should be the focus of reconstruction?


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Hanna Sumari


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