This experiential exhibition, to be staged in Habitare’s Ahead design area, will explore trends in interior decoration, housing and design, and will discuss the social phenomena and megatrends behind the themes. It introduces four worlds, or rooms, under the umbrella theme of “Through which glasses do you look?”.

The Signals exhibition is designed and produced by the trend analyst Susanna Björklund together with the designer Sisse Collander.

OFFLINE – As a countertrend to the megatrend of everything becoming digital, people value their own time, intuition, hand-made products and soft values.

HAPPINESS – THROUGH WHICH GLASSES DO YOU LOOK? – A subjective view of living makes everyone’s home different and personal. The world is slowly changing and, at the same time, values and consumer behaviour are changing, too. What role does the home play in happiness?

AGE LESS explores the role of physical age in housing, including how the ageing of the population is reflected in homes and their aesthetic. Conventional conceptions of age are crumbling.

CHANCE – Chance has a role to play in finding a partner and a place to live, setting up home and making acquisitions, because life brings surprises, and not everything can be controlled. As luck would have it.


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