Habi Kids Design School

invites everyone to come along and play, and to come up with new ideas for a learning theme park of the future. Children and families together will get a chance to test the methods of design learning and to step into the shoes of a designer!



Engage children in design!

The users of Habitare’s Habi Kids children’s area, school classes and families with children, will get to design the area and the programme together with designers, in workshops to be held in early spring 2017. The area will be outlined and conceived based on inspiration from users’ hopes and dreams. Design workshops led by SuoMu will work on the elements of the area during spring.

SuoMu – the Finnish Association of Design Education – is a design learning organisation that promotes interest in and recognition of design and design education.

Photo: Sonja Suominen. From left: Viivi Lehtonen, Mari Savio, Katja Vaahtera

In partnership with Helsinki Design Week