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Habitare – 50 years of Finnish design and living



Encounters, insights and moments of inspiration at Habitare!

Habitare, Finland’s leading furniture, design and interior decoration event, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. The highlights of the jubilee year will include reliving visitors’ memorable Habitare experiences and introducing new competitions and influencers in the industry.

Habitare 50 years – but where did it all begin?

The story of the 50-year-old Habitare is made of Finnish design, designers, and homes and interiors – and closely intertwined with Avotakka magazine. There is also a piece of Italy embedded in Habitare, as ‘abitare’ is an Italian verb meaning ‘to live in’. Discover the story of Habitare!

The Story of Habitare
The 2020 International Friend of Habitare, the British architect Joseph Grima, answered our video call from Rome. We chatted about his career and how the current exceptional times affect in working life. Read what Grima is up to
Ulla Koskinen really started her current career even before she could read, although her first clients were imaginary. We met with the founder and editor-in-chief of the five-year-old Asun magazine, which focuses on interior decoration, architecture and design. What was once imaginary is now real. Read more
Saila-Mari Kohtala, the editor-in-chief of Gloria and Glorian Koti magazines, is not afraid of failure. We met with Saila-Mari and realised that perhaps that holds the key to success. Read more
Kari-Otso Nevaluoma, who is the editor-in-chief of Avotakka magazine and the same age as Habitare, loves weekends and wants to keep an open and curious mind. We sat down with Kari-Otso and talked about interior decoration and the perspective that comes with age, and we touched upon the traditional Finnish dish of liver casserole. Read more
Saija Hakoniemi, editor-in-chief of Deko magazine, searched for her current home based on a dream landscape. We met Saija in the new premises of her office, with its large windows offering stunning views of almost the whole of Helsinki. Read more

What is going on with the previous participants of Protoshop and Talentshop?

Over the years, numerous young designers have had their ideas showcased at Habitare’s Protoshop and Talentshop exhibitions. What is going on with the participants these days? Have the exhibitions provided the designers with a boost to their careers? Find out what the designers are up to!

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Dive into Habitare through stories

Over half a century, we have witnessed numerous encounters, insights and inspirational experiences. Discover visitors’ wonderful stories about Habitare and tell us your most cherished Habitare memory.

Habitare stories

International Friends of Habitare

Every year, an International Friend of Habitare is selected from among industry influencers. In alternating years, the International Friend of Habitare is either a representative of business or a leader in the field of design and interior decoration. Over the years, International Friends of Habitare have included, for example, the chairman and representative director of MUJI, Masaaki Kanai, and the president of Alessi, Alberto Alessi. In 2020, the crown of the International Friend will be worn by the British architect, curator, researcher, and journalist, Joseph Grima.

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