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Habitarematerials is a new kind of interactive material library at Habitare, where visitors can explore surface materials and experiment with combinations of different materials for their projects and purchases. The goal is to provide a participative exhibition experience for the visitors, increase material awareness and enable a new way of participation for material manufacturers.

Designed by NEMO architects, the experiential and inspiring material library is based on the concept of democratising design. The experiential material library consists of materials manufactured by Finnish companies, inviting the international design audience to learn more about them.


Four New Features of the Habitare Materials Exhibition in 2023

1 Meeting place

The Habitarematerials platform provides the participating materials companies and customers with a meeting place, which has a dedicated space at the exhibition. Meeting place allows visitors to connect with company representatives and learn more about the materials offered. A calendar displays when company representatives are present.

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2 Reference library

The exhibition’s reference library invites visitors to deepen and expand their awareness and knowledge of materials. Portfolios of samples, brochures, and literature related to the materials featured in the exhibition will be available.

3 Digital tool

A tool co-created with Materialisting opens new doors to sustainable choices. Materialisting is a platform service designed for comparing the environmental impacts of materials. It takes into account a wide range of environmental impacts, including the carbon footprint, impacts on water bodies, the atmosphere, and biodiversity loss, as well as recyclability. The mobile tool developed for Habitarematerials highlights the best available environmental data for each material in the section. At Habitarematerials, the new feature is visible in the QR codes located on the back of the material samples. The code links to the Materialisting service, where users can retrieve information about the material in question.

4 Studio corner for photography

Until now, visitors to the exhibition have taken photographs of the material combinations they have created on the collage table from above. The new studio corner makes it possible to take pictures so that the material samples are in a three-dimensional space. A wall material can be placed upright and a floor material horizontally.

Habitarematerials 2023 to feature the following materials manufacturers:


ANNALA | Bjelin | BOLON | CENT | Cover Story | CWP Coloured Wood Products | Durat | Johanna Gullichsen | Lasilinkki | Lauritzon | Nordic Copper | Novenberg | NOWOWOOD | Siparila | Tapettitehdas Pihlgren&Ritola | Tarkett | Tulikivi | VM Carpet | Wienerberger

Behind Habitarematerials are NEMO architects Jussi Laine and Maria Klemetti Laine


“Habitarematerials is a material library that is available to everyone, letting people touch the samples, experiment, and create something new. The exhibition offers visitors space and freedom to browse through materials and explore their own tastes by experimenting with different combinations of surfaces and colours. The materials are attractively presented, and there is product information on each sample that visitors can photograph and take with them for making purchases,” say Jussi Laine and Maria Klemetti Laine of NEMO architects.


“Although we encourage playfulness, experimentation, and having fun in our booth, we want to challenge the trade fair visitors to think beyond the surface of materials,” Maria and Jussi explain. NEMO architects will be present at the booth throughout the entire fair to engage in discussions with visitors about materials, their effects, and characteristics. The selection of building and interior materials is vast, and information is only available if one is willing to make an effort to seek it. Habitare Materials aims to provide information about the possibilities of materials to trade fair visitors and hopefully inspire people to reflect on their material choices and their reasons, the impacts of choices, and to make conscious decisions for their homes.

Photo: Unto Rautio

Habitarematerials 2023 in September – become a partner!

We offer a new way of participation for material manufacturers and an inspiring experience for visitors. Join us!

The Habitarematerials exhibition attracted tremendous interest during Milan Design Week

The Habitarematerials exhibition was seen in Milan from 17 to 23 April 2023. The Exhibition was part of the Alcova showcase, which is curated by Joseph Grima and Valentina Ciuffi. Alcova has been one of the most fascinating and followed events of Milan Design Week in recent years.

The Habitarematerials exhibition, which debuted at Milan Design Week, and the 14 Finnish material manufacturers featured at the exhibition, received a wonderful reception at the Alcova showcase. A staggering 90,000 professionals visited Alcova during the week.

Alcova, held every year concurrently with the Salone del Mobile fair, is a platform for designers and companies investigating the future of living and making, and is part of the programme of the Fuorisalone event. The Salone del Mobile fair and the concurrent Fuorisalone event, which spreads around the city, together form Milan Design Week. The Alcova showcase, staged in various locations, was, this year, activate for the first time never-before-seen spaces in the historical quarter of Ex Macello, near Porta Vittoria.

14 Finnish materials manufacturers participated Habitarematerials in Milan

Habitarematerials Milan consisted of a spatial exhibition design, samples from Finnish material suppliers, and unique furniture made from materials from participating companies. 14 Finnish companies participated the exhibition: Cover Story, CWP, Durat, Johanna Gullichsen, Karava, Nordic Copper, Novo Wood, Pihlgren & Ritola, Sera Helsinki, Stala, Luonnonbetoni, Laatupaneeli, Tulikivi and VMCarpet.

The exhibition, which is unique even internationally, provided a unique platform for Finnish companies to become recognised within the international design community and to profile themselves internationally, as Milan Design Week and the concurrent Salone del Mobile furniture fair constitute the most important event in the industry, inviting pioneers from all over the world to come together.

“We are very happy that it is specifically Habitarematerials that will be showcased in Milan. The topicality and novelty of the exhibition make it a perfect fit with the Alcova content. We are especially happy to be presenting responsible Finnish materials companies and organisations,” says the creative director of Habitare, Laura Sarvilinna.

The media partner of Habitarematerials Milan is Asun magazine.

Finnish material manufacturers in Milan