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Habitarematerials is a new kind of interactive material library at Habitare, where visitors can explore surface materials and experiment with combinations of different materials for their projects and purchases. The concept is implemented and curated by NEMO Architects Jussi Laine and Maria Laine. The goal is to provide a participative exhibition experience for the visitors, increase material awareness and enable a new way of participation for material manufacturers.

The experiential and inspiring Habitarematerials concept enables visitors to freely combine various surface materials and to experience the combinations of different surfaces and colours for themselves. The visitor is also given the opportunity to stop and enjoy installation on the materials and the goal is that the guest can live on the role of the designer; the concept provides the consumers with a variety of materials and alternatives, as well as the possibility to form own material collages for their future projects, purchases or preferences.

“Material samples are curated by NEMO Architects so as to make the combinations as interesting and representative as possible. In addition to well-known manufacturers, internationally interesting innovations and lesser-known selections will be featured. The materials featured will, as it were, form Habitare’s own material library for the duration of the event”, says the interior architect Jussi Laine from NEMO Architects.

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Combining materials from different manufacturers is often challenging for consumers due to the difficulty of obtaining samples. However, Habitarematerials enables the combination of different surface and building materials using products from different manufacturers, leading to original solutions.

Habitarematerials companies 2022

  • Annala Oy
  • Bolon
  • Durat
  • Hollolan Viilu ja Laminaatti Oy
  • Koolmat Oy
  • Koskisen Oy
  • Novo Wood
  • Orient-Occident Oy
  • Osmo Color
  • S.W. Lauritzon & Co
  • Siparila
  • Tapettitehdas Pihlgren ja Ritola Oy
  • Tikau
  • Tulikivi
  • Wienerberger Oy