12.9.2019 12:30 - 13:30 · Arena · Todellisuudet

Man Matter Metamorphosis / 10 000 Years of Design - An Accumulation of Knowledge

Florencia Colombo is a Swiss-based architect experienced in international cultural projects. From research to publications, conceptual strategies and spatial design, her cross-disciplinary practice focuses on creative, curatorial and editorial direction.

The exhibition presented by the National Museum introduced a unique interpretation of Finnish design: a dynamic and uninterrupted approach to time and knowledge. The conceptual, curatorial and design development of the exhibition and publication was realized by architect Florencia Colombo and industrial designer Ville Kokkonen.

Photo: Marica Rosengård

More information: https://www.kansallismuseo.fi/en/exhibitions/10-000-vuotta-muotoilua-ihminen-aine-metamorfoosi

  • Aika: 12.9.2019 12:30 - 13:30
  • Paikka: Arena
  • Esiintyjät: Florencia Colombo, architect