14.9.2023 15:00 - 15:40 · Arena ·

Design crimes and icons

Humans are already producing too much stuff but despite that, a vast quantity of products, buildings or services are introduced that fail to satisfactorily achieve their stated function, are badly made, don't adequately serve their user or become irrelevant after a year or so. Our panellists highlight a few examples of 'design crimes' as well as temper their choices with examples of design excellence.

Moderator: Max Fraser – Design writer and Editorial Director of Dezeen
Antti Olin, CEO and Partner, Made By Choice
Mirkku Kullberg, CEO Paimio Sanatorium
Tej Chauhan, designer

  • Date: 14.9.2023 15:00 - 15:40
  • Location: Arena
  • Performers: Tej Chauhan, Max Fraser, Mirkku Kullberg, Antti Olin