The theme of Saturday is Economy of Emotions

Arena stage, Ahead hall, host Maija Lukkari-Nyman

Keynote speakers Wolf Fischer and Biola Kadiri will tell us how to use fragrance to calibrate our daily life experience.

Saturday 16 Sept 2019

Theme: Economy of Emotions

In times of uncertainty and fragmented information, we rely on our own senses and intuition. Evolution has not affected our primitive needs, nor has technological development changed our fundamental values. While virtual reality gains popularity, there is an increased need to touch and to be present and face-to-face with others. We still want to enjoy surprises and experiences, at the same time as we also yearn for new sensations to awaken our senses. In interior design, the increased importance of sensory experience is manifested in a focus on materials and atmosphere. The bond between manufacturer and consumer is at its best when it awakens emotions.

Saturday's whole programme

Keynote: Wolf Fischer and Biola Kadiri Fischer

Wolf Fischer, Founder and President of Muro Scents Co and Biola Kadiri Fischer, Founder and Head of Creative of Muro Scents approach the subject of the use of fragrances in our daily life experience.

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