The theme of Sunday is Pursuit of Happiness

Arena stage, Ahead hall, host Sami Sykkö

Sunday’s programme includes talk about Habi Kids Skidipeli and a panel discussion with the themes of ecology and life cycle thinking in interior design and  material choices. The programme is in Finnish.

Sunday 15 Sept 2019

Theme: Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is like a religious mantra chanted by modern Western people. The quest for balance between body and mind rises above the pursuit of material happiness. ‘Wealthbeing’ is an epidemic, which aims to ensure bodily and mental welfare, to anticipate diseases, and thereby to achieve happiness. It is essential that the values of product manufacturers be aligned with the values of consumers. The objects with which we surround ourselves affect our emotions and quality of life. Kindness and doing good are more present than ever when we make interior choices.

Sunday's whole programme