The theme of Thursday is Realities

Arena stage, Ahead hall, host Sami Sykkö

Thursday’s keynote speakers Nadia Tolstoy and Chiara Carucci discuss about Visual and non-visual aspects of design. In addition Habitare’s international design bloggers choose the most interesting products and stand from the fair.

Thursday 12 Sept 2019

Theme: Realities

We live in a strange and exciting period in which rapid technological leaps have enabled many things that were previously considered inconceivable. The development of artificial intelligence reduces manual and routine work, which can raise fears. We can embrace technology and the augmented, virtual and mixed realities it enables, but at the same time we need to challenge ourselves in real life, or in ‘Real Reality’. People want to hide home technology in the background and integrate it into the interior. Alongside material objects, we see an increase in the design of virtual objects. Indeed, in the virtual world, an object is an image of an object.

Thursday's whole programme


Picks from Thursday’s programme:

ARS Art Factory – Vano Allsalu

Heritage and innovation for a thriving creative habitat

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Tengbom: Nadia Tolstoy and Chiara Carucci

Visual and non-visual aspects of design

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