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Pop-up stands at Habitare

Habitare 2022 event will feature two pop-up stands: one by the Finnish furniture company Vaarnii, launched in the spring of 2021, and another by Tokyo Saikai, the Japanese tableware manufacturer. This will be the fourth time that the pop-up concept has been a feature at the event.


The design of the furniture manufacturer Vaarnii is strongly based on Finnish tradition and a vernacular style. This is reflected in the name of the company, which merges the Finnish words for ‘dowel’ (‘vaarna’) and ash tree (‘saarni’). Vaarnii products are made in Finland, from Finnish materials, and they are designed to a high standard to stand the test of time. The entire supply chain, including the company website, is transparent.

Tokyo Saikai

Tokyo Saikai has its roots in the Japanese porcelain city of Hasami. The company specialises in the design of timeless and durable consumer ceramics. Tokyo Saikai employs several international designers. One of them is the Finnish designer Maija Puoskari. The Nuppu tableware collection designed by Puoskari is one of the product lines on sale at Tokyo Saikai’s pop-up stand at Habitare. Tokyo Saikai’s product philosophy is based on enhancing people’s quality of life, local manufacture, and durable design.