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Kaissu was born in the land of long and dark nights, in the embrace of the virgin forests and freezing winds.

Taken from the wilderness and inspired by its unique beauty. Pure and crisp. Modern, yet valuing traditions.

Kaissu is the dream of worlds most beautiful Estonian beds, come to life. These are the beds that your home loves, which you can adore every morning waking up and which your neighbour envies.

Behind this bedroom and children’s room furniture brand, which was created in 2017, are us – three cunning dreamers – Helen, Martti & Harri.

It’s not a revolution in our minds, but evolution. In our creation, traditional furniture pieces find new expression in the form of Kaissu. Always in search for exquisite beauty. Slim shapes, fine lines and surprising proportions define Kaissu’s design the most. From day one, we have believed, that we have something to say and to give. Standing for slow consumption, longevity and responsible manufacturing, we thrive to create and offer our products in a way, that values the creator, customer and the environment in which we live.

And so we let new brave ideas carry us. Farther than the horizon. Meet you there!