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Eero Aarnio Originals

Eero Aarnio Originals – the sole authorised manufacturer of the classic designs by Eero Aarnio.
Eero Aarnio is the Finnish designer and innovator responsible for some of the most recognisable and best loved pieces of furniture of the last century. The corner stones of the classic collection are the Ball Chair, Bubble, Pastil and Pony.
Today we are presenting the Giant Ball chair! The giant version of the iconic classic was born in Eero Aarnio’s mind many years ago seeing how much the Ball Chair sparked joy for small children. He wanted to create the same experience for adults. The designer strongly feels that as we grow up, we often lose our inner child in the process and overthink our surrounding world. Throughout his career Eero Aarnio has strived to preserve the child-like playfulness and curiosity that makes life so wonderful. The Giant Ball Chair is a reminder about embracing the inner child and allowing moments of pure happiness.