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Habitare Areas

Habitare is divided into three different areas: 

  • The contemporary design AHEAD area, in Hall 6. 
  • The home decoration and furniture FOLK area, in Hall 7. 
  • The lifestyle and interior decoration DECOR area, along with HABITARE ANTIQUES & VINTAGE, in Hall 3.  



Inside each area, you will find various themed areas, exhibitions, stages, and of course exhibitors from the same product category all in one place.

Explore all the contents of the areas!


AHEAD – Hall 6 

AHEAD is a curated design hub where the latest and diverse designs are showcased and sold. In the Ahead Hall, you can find Habitare’s special exhibitions and young talents in the field of design, and the hall’s architecture is a significant part of the overall exhibition experience.

From the AHEAD area, you will find:

> Theme exhibition

>The Habitarematerials exhibition

>The new design area, “The Block”

>A new theme area, “Habitare Choice,” highlighting sustainability and responsibility

>The children’s area, “Habi Kids”

>Entries from the Habitare design competition

>Habitare’s Light Boulevard

 >“Asun” area

>Kvadrat Pop-up booth

>Arena main stage – check the stage program here

>Exhibition of the Habitare Pro concept

Themed exhibition

Habitare will feature an exhibition reflecting the 2024 Habitare theme of Layers, created by the Yatofu design studio Angela Lindahl and Yihan Xiang. The theme, Layers, highlights the layered and lived-in character of homes, spaces and objects, reminding us of the cyclicity of design, the revival of styles, and how the old and the new exist side by side every moment.

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Habitare Materials

Habitare Materials, designed by NEMO Architects, is an experiential and inspiring material library, where visitors can explore home surface materials and experiment with combining different materials. As a visitor, you can choose, mix and arrange material samples on the collage table to create your own composition, which can be captured and shared. Additionally, you will receive product information from all of your preferred materials for future purchases. 

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The Block: Habitare Talents & Habitare Protos

The Block showcases young talents, prototypes, and fresh startup companies in the design industry. This block, which highlights the new generation of designers and talents, consists of exhibitions, booths and presentations from educational institutions. The Habitare Protos exhibition, representing emerging design directions, offers a glimpse into tomorrow’s world of products, while the Habitare Talents exhibition highlights designers in the early stages of their careers.

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Habitare Choice

Habitare will, at the autumn 2023 fair, introduce a new Choice area that highlights responsibility and sustainability. The area features companies that have made conscious choices in favour of a more responsible and sustainable future. The exhibition is curated by the interior stylist Susanna Vento.

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Habi Kids

The Habi Kids area invites all children and those young at heart to play and take a break amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair. In the children’s area, you will find a colorful miniature world created by illustrator Matti Pikkujämsä, encouraging drawing and crafting in a forest-themed setting. The goal is to create a picture book-like color experience and a miniature world that provides a place for hands-on activities, momentarily setting aside tablets and devices.

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Habitare Pro

The revamped Habitare Pro is a three-day event experience dedicated to professionals, providing a unique platform for networking and meeting leading architects, design professionals, buyers, and the press. The Habitare Pro exhibition, located in the Ahead area, features numerous exhibitors. Within the Habitare Pro area, you will also find the Martela Meeting Lounge, where professionals can arrange meetings.

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Habitare Design Competition

Every year, the Habitare Design Competition, organised by Messukeskus and Aalto University, puts the spotlight on up-and-coming design and architecture students. The competition is open to entries from people studying design and architecture in Finland, as well as University of the Arts Helsinki students or teams of students. The theme of this year’s competition is Comfort Zone.

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Habitare Neighbours

In the autumn of 2024, Habitare will feature a new Habitare Neighbours theme area. Designed and curated by Ulla Koskinen and Anna Pirkola, the Neighbours area will include an exhibition and a residential block, which presents exciting companies in the industry. The area provides an opportunity to explore the diversity of homes and different ways of everyday living.

FOLK – hall 7

FOLK is the area dedicated to home decoration, featuring furniture, appliances, electronics, housing services, bathrooms and kitchens. You will find new ideas and amazing fair offers for decorating your home!

From the Folk area, you will find:

> On Friday night, a Shopping Night event to the rhythms of Darude

> High-quality sound in the Genelec Lounge, where you can for example catch a performance by Darude

Fair offers and new products from companies in the FOLK area

> Quick interior design advice without an appointment at the Sissareiden Sisustusvartti (Interior Quarter by the Sissarit)

> Folk stage – check out the stage program here

Genelec Lounge and Darude

Habitare is investing in sound systems this year. In the Folk area, there is something to see and experience for all audio enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find the booths of Gigantti and Power, where you can explore a wide range of audio systems, home electronics and digital technology. In the Folk area, you’ll also discover the top-notch sound experience provided by the Genelec Lounge, where you can catch a fantastic performance by Darude on Friday! Spend your Friday evening at the Habitare Shopping Night, grabbing incredible fair offers to the rhythm of Darude!

Interior Quarter (Sisustusvartti) by the Sissarit

The Sissarit are a group of skilled interior designers and other professionals in the field from all around Finland. At the Sissareiden sisustusvartti (Interior Quarter by the Sissarit), right next to the Folk stage, you can receive on-the-spot interior design advice without an appointment. Additionally, on September 13th and 14th at 12 PM, there will be an engaging talk on the Folk stage for all interior design enthusiasts. During the talks by the Sissarit, you will hear tips and advice on home decoration and autumn trends. Welcome to get inspired!

Habitare Deals – Fair offers and new products

Habitare’s numerous exhibitors are bringing fantastic fair offers and, of course, new products to the fair. We’ve compiled a list for you to preview on these top deals in advance. Companies offering fair offers can be found in all halls, but you’ll find the largest furniture stores and home electronics and appliance retail chains in the Hall 7.


DECOR – hall 3

The DECOR area is a paradise for interior decor enthusiasts as well as antique and art lovers, where you’re sure to make discoveries for your home! This area encompasses small interior decor items and services. Additionally, the hall has its own section dedicated to art and antiques.

From the DECOR area, you will find:

> The Habitare Handmade area, focusing on Finnish craftsmanship.

> Kare Pop Up Shop – a heaven for interior decor.

Antique & Vintage section.

> Art area: Offering a wide variety of art. Come meet artists and make purchases.

> Decor stage – check out the stage program here. 

There will also be SisLa trade shows held for interior and gift retailers, in the Decor Hall, from September 13th to 15th. Read more about SisLa here > 

Habitare Handmade

The new Habitare Handmade area highlights Finnish artisanship and handicrafts. Handmade provides an overview of Finnish handicraft products and a diverse offering of materials, and invites visitors to participate in DIY workshops and follow demonstrations by craftspeople featured in the area.

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Antiikki & Vintage

Habitare’s Antiques & Vintage brings together enthusiasts of antiques, vintage, and old art lovers – experts, collectors, professionals, hobbyists and traders. The area also introduces newcomers to the world of antiques and vintage. It is conveniently located in the Decor Hall, which focuses on interior decor.

Welcome to explore!