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Habitare Handmade

Habitare Handmade – Finnish artisanship and DIY workshops 

The new Handmade area, to be featured at next autumn’s Habitare, highlights Finnish artisanship and handicrafts. Habitare Handmade provides an overview of Finnish handicraft products and a diverse offering of materials, and invites visitors to participate in DIY workshops and follow demonstrations by craftspeople featured in the area. The area is realised in cooperation with the designer and entrepreneur Susanne Hamari, who has worked in the arts and crafts sector for a long time.

XAMK Restaurointi is the official education partner of the Habitare Handmade area.

Finnish-made high-quality handicraft products

Habitare Handmade responds to a longing for the handmade, which has become stronger in the digital age. The new area will provide Finnish interior decoration and design products, and a versatile selection of materials.

“Handmade was born out of the idea of highlighting Finnish-made products and Finnish artisanship, and to make them available for visitors to explore. Artisan skills and expertise have previously been featured less at Habitare. Finland has diverse expertise in and many manufacturers of high-quality interior decoration products. The area provides a varied offering themed around materials: experts in and manufacturers of materials, from ceramics to leather, metal, and wood, as well as the reuse of materials in line with the principles of the circular economy, says Susanne Hamari, describing the idea behind the area. 

Kuvassa Habitaren Handmade -alueen laadukkaita kotimaisia käsityötuotteita.
Habitare handmade alueella diy-työpajoja ja työnäytöksiä.

DIY workshops and demonstrations

Habitare Handmade will provide visitors with a great opportunity to do things themselves and to take in demonstrations. Visitors can also follow the process of products being manufactured, participate in DIY workshops held in the area, explore various materials, and acquire DIY kits. The companies featured in the area will present their expertise, for example, in the form of demonstrations. 

“The idea of Habitare Handmade is also to demonstrate the high level of expertise among Finnish craftspeople, and to present a wide range of techniques and processes related to the manufacture of high-quality products. What are the things required for the manufacture of products? Craft methods, machines and equipment, as well as solid knowhow, good planning and design, and a lot of time. In the workshops held in the area, you can also be inspired about a new hobby”, says Hamari, who has an education in arts and crafts and has long worked in the field as a circular economy entrepreneur.