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Habi Kids 2022 – Pop up Moomin Museum: Moomins and the Sea

Let’s set sail with the Moomins! Habi Kids, the Habitare area for children and families, transforms into an exciting Moomin sea landscape in 2022. There families can, among other things, row to a lighthouse and relax on the beach in Moomin style. With the navigational chart you can find your way to the mysterious lighthouse. What’s in there?

Pop up Moomin Museum wants to turn Habi Kids into a small haven in the middle of Habitare, where children and adults alike can escape the stress for a moment. “You can take a break on the cliffs or even have a picnic”, says producer Minna Honkasalo from the Moomin Museum.

The world’s only Moomin Museum

The Moomin Museum is an experiential art museum in Tampere for all lovers of the Moomins and visual arts, whatever their age. The original illustrations by Tove Jansson (1914–2001) and the three-dimensional tableaux by Tuulikki Pietilä (1917–2009) tell the whole story of the Moomins. Experience the great flood, the midsummer madness and the floating theatre, the puzzle of the lighthouse island, and the mysterious disappearance of the Moomin family in November! The wisdom, humour, adventurous spirit and warm kindness of the Moomins appeal to fans around the world.

Image: Tove Jansson’s cover illustration to Moominpappa at Sea, 1966. Moomin Museum, Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley Collection ©Moomin CharactersTM