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Protoshop 2020 designers

Tatu Laakso

Tatu Laakso graduated from Lahti Institute of Design in 2017 and is finalising his masters degree in Interior Architecture at Aalto University. Tatu’s aim as a designer is to create functional and manufacturable furniture that stand time both physically and visually. He prefers to work with wood, which he feels is the most humane material due to its unique and sustainable nature. With his products, Tatu aims to highlight the insightful and modern use of this traditional material.

NG Wing Yin (Didi)

Originally from Hong Kong, Didi is currently studying for an MA in interior architecture at Aalto Univer-sity. In addition to the design of spaces, furniture and other objects, he is also focused on art. Through exploring the relationship of form and aesthetic, he enjoys creating design that awakens
people’s interest and gently stimulates human senses.

Essi Aalto

Essi Aalto is finishing her MA studies in interior architecture at Aalto University. Essi strives to solve problems with simple, insightful solutions and her straightforward and timeless form language.


Tautvydas Petruškevičius

Tautvydas Petruškevičius is a Lithuanian industrial designer, studying at Middlesex University London, alongside an Erasmus exchange at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He has undertak-en business mentorship programmes in Singapore and Italy, collaborating with industrial & fashion designers, business developers, diplomats and innovative tech start-ups. In 2018 Tautvydas was cho-sen by Junior Achievement Europe as one of 16 Young Leaders for a Day. His diverse experiences make him a great problem solver and design thinker, who believes in long-lasting and efficient design solu-tions.

Elina Parmakoff & Katarina Westerlund

Elina and Katarina graduated as furniture designers from the Lahti Institute of Design in the spring of 2020. As designers they’re interested in timeless, user centered design and sustainability.


Maiju Räty

Maiju Räty is starting her final year of interior architecture and furniture design studies at The Lahti Institute of Design. Maiju sees design as a problem solving process and continuous interaction with the environment. Her dream for the future is to work widely on various design projects. Maiju holds a Mas-ter’s degree in social sciences which she also sees as a strength in the field of design.


Laura Kuusajoki

Laura Kuusajoki is currently studying interior architecture and furniture design at the Lahti Institute of Design. Her work is based on the use of colours, sustainable materials and different shapes. Laura is fascinated by the colours present in the everyday life, by cityscapes and how light affects them and reshapes everything we see.


Miika Ruotsalainen

Miika Ruotsalainen is an interior architect from Helsinki, finalising his MA studies at Aalto University. As a designer he is interested in imperfection, sustainability and combining art with function.


Aleksi Peltonen

Aleksi Peltonen has graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design and is currently studying at the Contemporary Design program at Aalto University. Aleksi has a a background in cabinet making and wood is one of his preferred materials. Timelessness and quality are values that Aleksi strives toward in his work.

Lilli Ilmavirta

Lilli Ilmavirta is a textile designer who has graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Her works are typically colourful, rich and organic in nature. Her inspiration comes from plants and nature, either from her travels or even from her own backyard.


Veli-Antti Virtanen

Veli-Antti studies interior architecture and furniture design at the Lahti Institute of Design. He approaches design from a viewpoint of sustainability, functionality and atmosphere. He is inspired by nature and everyday observations.


Virpi Heikkinen

Virpi Heikkinen studies design at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She majors in textile design but is equally interested in other materials and three dimensionality. A dialogue between forms, materials and functionality inspires her to look for new sustainable everyday solutions in design.