Mindspaces theme moves between the material and the intangible, as well as the real and the imaginary

“Metaphorically, the mind can be thought of as a house with different rooms. The rooms represent human emotions and needs. Home is a state of mind, that is to say, home is where the heart is. Physical spaces are becoming more important as reinforcers of various states of mind”, say the designers of the theme, the trend expert Antti Rimminen from Urban View and the culture and fashion reporter Mia Dillemuth.

The theme of the 2019 Habitare is Mindspaces. The spatial solutions, materials, colours, scents, lighting and objects evoke emotions, catering for various needs in life. The Habitare exhibition design, to be conceived by the designer Laura Väinölä, will also be built around this theme.

Homes and spaces have a variety of functions. Life is balancing between work, well-being and togetherness where the spaces and environments are the realm of the senses, places in which the mind can rest, and be inspired. The theme Mindspaces will bring a visually powerful display in Habitare, in which visitors can participate, like characters in a story. The Habitare programme will elaborate on the theme, highlighting phenomena and current issues such as multi-sensory experience; the union of digitality and reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, real reality); the meaning of privacy; circular economy; and happiness.


Exhibition design 2019