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Finland’s largest furniture, design and decoration event

Habitare offers inspiration and experiences for five days. The event showcases new and old, highlights different styles, takes a stand, and looks to the future. The theme of the 2023 Habitare is Together. The theme speaks about our need to feel togetherness in today’s world, but also about our duty to take care of nature and each other, together. The theme, Together, highlights the sense of togetherness in challenging times. The theme also explores our changing world, and how, together, we must consider new perspectives on consumption and living.



Habitare News

In the fall, Habitare will host a new themed exhibition that follows the 2023 theme, Yhdessä / Together. The exhibition is designed by Studio Plenty, which is behind the theme, led by Anna Pirkola and Kirsikka Simberg. There will be joy, beauty, surprises and uplifting experiences for all the senses. Read more
Anders Byriel: “My mission in this unique task is to scan the status of the business, brands and designs. I am eagerly waiting for new contacts and good conversations with both the established brands and new companies, as well as with craft professionals”. Read more

Reach 59,000 interior decoration and design enthusiasts and professionals at Habitare

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