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Habitare on September 11–15, 2024

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre​

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The leading furniture, design and interior event in the Nordics

Habitare offers inspiration and experiences for five days. The event showcases new and old, highlights different styles, takes a stand, and looks to the future. The theme of the 2024 Habitare is Layers. The theme treasures the layered and lived-in feel of homes, spaces and objects. It reminds us of the cyclicity of design, the revival of styles, and how the old and the new exist side by side every moment.

Theme 2024

Habitare News

The Habitare Protos exhibition, which reflects new design trends, annually showcases 10–12 new prototypes and product ideas, providing a glimpse into the world of objects of tomorrow. Habitare Protos 2024 offers a fascinating view of the product ideas and thoughts of young designers. Interest in materials, and questions of meaningfulness and sustainability, can be seen in the background of the prototypes presented in the exhibition. Young designers want to create objects that challenge traditional standards of beauty and become important to their owners. Read more
Swedish Note Design Studio, Swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen, Danish textile and colour designer Margrethe Odgaard and Danish designer Rikke Frost will open up their thinking in their keynote speeches. The keynote speeches will be heard on the main stage of Habitare, hosted by Jani Toivola. Read more
The Habitare Choice area, to be featured for the second time as part of Habitare, will enable visitors to pick up ideas on how to make responsible choices for all the spaces in their homes. Next autumn, Habitare Choice will present ideas on how to make your home sustainable and on the importance of, for example, surface materials as part of sustainable living. Read more
Habitare and Helsinki Design Week are joining forces and starting an extensive and long-term collaboration. The aim is to strengthen the design industry and to promote a dialogue between designers and companies in order to accelerate the growth and internationalisation of the industry. Read more
Habitare Talents 2024 showcases the four most interesting names in design right now. The works of young designers reflect the worlds of future forms, materials and techniques. The insightful works of Tatu Laakso, Lotta Maija, Riikka Peltola and Eemeli Sahimaa are a breath of fresh air in a new design that is still being talked about. Each designer in the group already has their own recognisable style and inventive ways of expressing through design what is happening in the world right now and what kind of lifestyles we are experiencing. Read more
Habitare will feature an exhibition reflecting the 2024 Habitare theme of Layers, created by the Yatofu design studio Angela Lindahl and Yihan Xiang. The theme, Layers, highlights the layered and lived-in character of homes, spaces and objects, reminding us of the cyclicity of design, the revival of styles, and how the old and the new exist side by side every moment. The premise of the themed exhibition, created by Yatofu, is the revealing of these layers. Read more
In the autumn of 2024, Habitare will feature a new Habitare Neighbours theme area. Designed and curated by Ulla Koskinen and Anna Pirkola, the Neighbours area will include an exhibition and a residential block, which presents exciting companies in the industry. The area provides an opportunity to explore the diversity of homes and different ways of everyday living. Read more
Habitare’s area of new design, The Block, brings together emerging designers, fresh product ideas, and manufacturers. The Habitare Talents exhibition seeks four participants, while the Habitare Protos exhibition looks for approximately ten product ideas. The application period continues until February 13, 2024, by which time portfolios and proposals should be submitted. The selected designers and product ideas will be featured at Habitare in September. Read more
The theme of the 2024 Habitare is Layers. Habitare 2024 theme to highlight the layered and lived-in feel of homes and spaces. It reminds us of the cyclicity of design, the revival of styles, and how the old and the new exist side by side every moment. Layeredness includes a lived-in quality, whether we are talking about a city, a city centre, homes or buildings. It also includes narratives about homes, spaces, objects, and the built environment that each person can reinterpret to make them their own. Read more
Known as a versatile graphic designer, design researcher and lecturer, Päivi Helander is joining the Habitare team as a visiting creative adviser, with the job title of Creative Lead. Helander wants to have a say in making Habitare an open and equal place to experience design. Habitare’s new visual identity has been created as a joint effort between Helander and the graphic designer Tino Nyman. Read more

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This is what Habitare is all about

Habitare areas

The Habitare event area is divided into three special halls: AHEAD offers the latest trends in contemporary design, FOLK attracts home decoration and furniture lovers, while DECOR takes you into the world of lifestyle, interior design, antiques and vintage.

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Habitare’s inspiring exhibitions showcase the latest trends, emerging designers and the latest design ideas.

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Habitare Materials

Designed by NEMO architects, Habitarematerials is an experiential and inspiring material library that will be assembled during the fair, where visitors will be able to explore surface materials in the home and experiment with combining different materials.

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Habitare Pro

Habitare Pro is a trade show devision of the fair, dedicated for B2B companies for the business of design. Habitare Pro offers a unique platform to network, meet leading architects, design professionals and buyers.

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