The theme of Friday is Private Matters

Arena stage, Ahead hall, host Maija Lukkari-Nyman

Friday’s keynote speaker Sevil Peach is known for her groundbreaking workplace solutions for example for the interiors of Vitra’s offices.

Friday 13 Sept 2019

Theme: Private Matters

There are major concerns about the loss of privacy. We are seeking to strike a balance between the online and offline worlds. One third of all time spent online takes place on social media, and teenagers spend up to 9 hours per day using social media. Although the boundaries between private and professional lives are becoming more blurred, switching off your phone does not necessarily mean that you are turning your back on the world but opening new doors and focusing on other things. The term “compassion fatigue” describes becoming numb to the cruelties of the world. In our daily lives, we seek safety and positivity, and a break from the constant stream of information. The home concretely marks off private space from public space.

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Keynote: Sevil Peach – #office

The nature of Work and the Workplace has changed significantly and rapidly over recent years and will continue to do so. Sevil Peach discusses the topic on her keynote speech on Friday.

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