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Habitarematerials 2024

Habitarematerials is an experiential and inspiring material library at Habitare, where visitors can explore surface materials for their projects and homes and experiment with combining different materials. Visitors can choose, mix, and arrange their own collage from the displayed material samples on a collage table, to be photographed and shared. Additionally, visitors receive product information from their preferred materials for their projects and purchases. Habitarematerials provides visitors with a free space for play and discoveries.

In spring 2024, Habitarematerials will be featured at the world’s most important design event, Milan Design Week, from April 15 to 21, 2024.

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Explore Habitarematerials on Instagram

To get a good understanding of the concept, check out Habitarematerials on Instagram @habitarematerials, where you can see visitors’ social media posts about the exhibition in the profile’s feed and saved stories.

Habitarematerials on Instagram


Easy participation

We offer material manufacturers a new and easy way to participate in the exhibition. The Habitarematerials concept is implemented and curated by NEMO architects Jussi Laine and Maria Klemetti Laine. Under Jussi and Maria’s guidance, Habitarematerials will also host the exhibition in its entirety, so that no company representation is required at the exhibition and participation does not tie up a company’s employee resources. It is of course possible for a company to extend its participation with its own stand. Read more below.

How to participate?

Participation in Habitarematerials includes:

1. Sample Pieces in the Exhibition Material Library

Your company’s sample pieces are featured in the Habitarematerials exhibition material library for visitors to explore and photograph on the collage table. Customers can easily gather product information from the material manufacturer behind the sample pieces for their purchases.

Interested visitors at the exhibition are directed to your company’s website and, if applicable, to your own booth. Visitors are also instructed to tag your company when sharing collage images on social media.

2. Involvement in the Habitarematerials Exhibition Architecture

Participating companies have the opportunity to contribute to the unique architecture of the Habitarematerials exhibition and gain broader visibility for their materials. Participation in the exhibition architecture is facilitated through a booth element designed by NEMO architects.

3. Opportunity to Participate in the Habitarematerials Stage Program

4. Visibility on Habitare’s

  • Social media channels,
  • Newsletters,
  • Website, and
  • Arena stage program.

New in 2024

Enhance your participation with new opportunities:
KIOSK or your own booth in the MATERIAL BLOCK!


Now you can provide visitors with even more extensive and in-depth information about your material selection in the unified Habitarematerials Kiosk area located next to the Habitarematerials exhibition area. In the kiosk, your company has its own small area enclosed by two defining walls. One wall can feature your company’s logo, and the other wall can be covered with your company’s own surface material. In the kiosk, you can meet visitors and easily welcome guests in the Habitarematerials area!

Material Blocks

You can also reserve your own complete booth at Habitare, strategically placed in close proximity to Habitarematerials in the material blocks. This allows your company to reach visitors with a comprehensive and diverse brand experience. When your booth is located in the immediate vicinity of Habitarematerials, it is easy for customers to find additional information once they are interested in your company’s material.

Reach of Habitarematerials


  • Habitarematerials 2023 reached 42 000 visitors in five days
  • 350 visitors represented the press


  • Habitare has 17 000 followers on Instagram
  • Habitarematerials has 1 900 followers on Instagram

Habitarematerials Milan 2024

Habitarematerials takes over Milan again! The Habitarematerials exhibition has been invited to be part of the Alcova exhibition complex at Fuorisalone, the world’s most important design event, for Milan Design Week 15-21 April 2024. The invitation follows Habitarematerials’ successful debut at Milan Design Week in spring 2023, when the exhibition showcased 14 great Finnish companies. A staggering 90 000 visitors came to see the show during the week!

Would you like to join us next spring?

Alcova Milan is a Fuorisalone event organised since 2018, which in three years has gained a prominent position at Milan Design Week. Each year, articles focusing on the Alcova exhibition are published in the most important current affairs media in the sector, such as Wallpaper, Dezeen and the New York Times.


View the previous editions of the exhibition

Seize the unique opportunity and join Habitarematerials in Milan!

Habitarematerials Milan is realized in the same way as Habitarematerials at the Habitare in Helsinki. The Milan exhibition provides a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s materials to international stakeholders and designers, reach international design media, curators, retailers, and partners in a high-profile curated setting alongside Finnish and Nordic material suppliers. In the exhibition, the entire international design audience encounters your products at the most coveted location in the most important forum of the year.

Easy Participation

Habitarematerials offers a pre-curated and conceptualized exhibition opportunity that is easy to participate in. The production of Habitarematerials manages the entire logistics (from Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre to Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre) and freight for the Milan exhibition. Additionally, the Habitarematerials team, led by NEMO architects, hosts the exhibition in Milan, sharing information about materials and material suppliers.

How to join us in Milan?

Participation in Habitarematerials Milan includes:

1. Sample Pieces in the Exhibition Material Library

Your company gets material samples displayed in the exhibition material library for visitors to touch and arrange into collages. Visitors and designers from around the world become aware of your company’s products and share collage images on their own channels. NEMO architects are responsible for curating both the materials of commercial partners and the selection of material innovations invited to the exhibition in the Curator’s Choice category.

2. Visibility in the Habitarematerials Exhibition Architecture

Companies have the opportunity to contribute to part of the exhibition architecture designed by NEMO architects, consisting of display furniture crafted from materials supplied by material providers. This is a fantastic opportunity to achieve broader visibility at the Milan exhibition and in the media.

3. Marketing Support from Habitarematerials Production, including:

  • Exhibition marketing and communication for professionals and the media,
  • Visibility on social media channels, and
  • Production of marketing materials for use by participating companies.

4. Participation in Habitarematerials in Helsinki in the fall of 2024

The production of Habitarematerials Milan continues, complementing the fall 2024 edition at Habitare in Helsinki. The exhibition architecture, sample pieces, and furniture will be stored at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre over the summer of 2024. In August 2024, a second curation will be organized, allowing companies to review their material selections for compatibility with the Habitare audience and introduce new releases from the summer.


Read more about the participation options

Reach of Habitarematerials Milan


  • Habitarematerials in Alcova Milan 2023 reached 95,000 visitors in 7 days
  • Of the visitors, 1,300 were journalists


  • Alcova Milano has 55,000 followers on Instagram
  • Habitarematerials has 1 900 followers on Instagram

Contact us and ask more!

Let’s work together to design a participation solution that’s right for you.


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