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Habitare Pro 2019 speakers

Explore the speakers of Habitare Pro 2019. The list will be updated during the summer 2019.

Martin Stenberg

Head of Business, Kurppa Hosk

Martin is a partner and strategist at Kurppa Hosk. Martin has over 15 years of experience supporting world leading brands around the world, including work for brands such as Oatly, Fazer, Stellar, P&G, Estee Lauder, Volvo and others.

In his presentation, Martin will talk about experience economy and share insights and examples of Kurppa Hosk’s award-winning work.

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Alastair Kean

Development Director, Dalziel & Pow

Having joined Dalziel & Pow in 1986, Kean has spent most of his career with the company. As Group Development Director, he has worked with an increasingly international range of brands and businesses, such as Penneys and River Island. His projects have taken him to many countries, including Russia, Canada, Thailand, Turkey, across the Middle East and beyond. He has a great knowledge of working in new territories, rising to the challenges of market understanding and cultural diversity. Recently, he has been responsible for the development of digital design at D&P, overseeing the growth and progression of this department. Alastair has spoken at numerous conferences from Helsinki to Sao Paulo, and beyond and recently gave a talk at the RIBA as a guest speaker for the Department for International Development.

Alastair’s presentation in Habitare Pro will concentrate on building a total brand experience.

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