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The theme of Wednesday is Man-made

On the opening day of Habitare 2020, the Great Interior Recognition will be handed out for the first time. We will also learn how to build an international success story.

Wednesday 9 Sept 2020

Theme: Man-made

At the beginning of a new decade, we return to basics, as the artefacts of the home and ways of living become more simplified. We make increasingly personal choices. There is a revived interest in making things by hand. People want to see and experience personally how products come into being. Forgotten innovations are rediscovered and given the appreciation they deserve. Life is mobile, but there is no increase in throwaway culture, as people’s choices are more sustainable.

Wednesday's whole programme


Picks from Wednesday’s programme:

Tero Kuitunen, Alice Stori Liechtenstein, Laura Hirvi

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The most interesting content of Habitare 2020 by Joseph Grima

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