The theme of Wednesday is Reborn

Arena stage, Ahead hall, host Sami Sykkö

Habitare’s opening day includes Habitare’s International Friend Alberto Alessi’s keynote speech. Alberto also selects the most interesting content available at the event.

Wednesday 11 Sept 2019

Theme: Reborn

As the new decade of 2020 approaches, it is time to steer practices towards more sustainable solutions, instead of repeating the same mistakes. Circular economy and closed-loop manufacturing processes are a reality for an increasing number of companies. We have reached the limit of welfare: we have everything. But it is not the answer to what our minds need. It is time to pursue a bolder and more global approach in which fairness and horizontal growth are realised. Finding responsible consumption alternatives is becoming the norm.

Wednesday's whole programme


Picks from Wednesday’s programme:

Keynote: Alberto Alessi

The Italian design factories and the Alessi case (1921-2019)

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