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The theme of Wednesday is Regenerate

What are the products and services that repair and regenerate our environment?

Wednesday 15 Sept 2021

Theme: Regenerate

The world is facing major issues – after a state of emergency, it is difficult to return to how things were, and the directions are open. In the creation of a new – more valuable, sustainable, and human – world, imagination becomes an essential skill. New things cannot emerge without the ability to imagine what they could be. Let’s reimagine the future – not just as something sustainable but beyond that – as regenerative. Restorative, innovative, opening up opportunities.

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Picks from Wednesday’s programme:

What kind of world we want to live in after this pandemic passes, and what choices designers - and the general public too - in building such a future?

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Siltatyömaa will be built from wood, to comply with the concept of sustainable development.

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Joseph will choose the most interesting products and phenomena from the fair

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