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Protoshop 2021 designers

Ida Korsström

Ida Korsström is an Aalto University graduate whose work centers around surface and textile design. She enjoys exploring the technical limitations of woven fabrics and most recently she has immersed herself in the interaction of colours in woven fabrics. The inspiration for her work comes from a myriad of sources such as art, traditional craft, nature and fashion. In her work Ida leaves room for intuition and spontaneity, and she believes that aesthetically long-lasting design also can be fun and expressive.


Kati Peltola

Kati Peltola is a contemporary craft and glass artist working mostly with glass lampworking techniques. Lampworking is a method of melting and bending glass with a torch. The pieces are sculptural while playing with the aesthetics of a potential function. Kati is an alumni of Aalto University’s Contemporary Design master’s programme.

Netta Kandelin

Netta Kandelin is starting her final year of interior architecture and furniture design studies at the Lahti Institute of Design. Functionality is a guiding factor in her design – without forgetting considered details and playfulness. As a designer, she hopes to work widely but sustainably on different design projects with different materials and methods.


Imola Balogh

Imola Balogh is a Hungarian architect currently working on a masters degree in furniture design at Aalto University. In her work, Imola searches for a harmonious relationship between structure and function. Structural thinking inspires her to find a clean and simple solution and using materials according to their properties encourages her to design sustainably. Her goal is to design visually simple, structurally clear and technologically sustainable pieces of furniture.


Riku Toivonen

Riku Toivonen is a Helsinki based designer who strives to explore and question the norms of human behavior and how we interact with objects and products in everyday life. Riku’s goal is to solve problems with a touch of humour, thereby making life better. In product design Riku aspires to create functional, aesthetic as well as long-lasting and timeless products that take into account today’s challenges.

Susanna and Tobias Feuerbacher

Designer couple Susanna and Tobias Feuerbacher work at an old farm called Koivisto in Karkkila, Southern Finland. Susanna graduated as a designer from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Tobias from the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. A simple and harmonious design language united the couple during their student exchange, from which their joint journey in design began.

Yingjie Liang

Yingjie Liang works widely within both spatial, furniture and product design. She admires playful and elegant aesthetics as well as the inner logic of structure and material. She also believes that good design evokes people’s emotions and curiosity.

Tong Ren

Tong Ren graduated from the Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design MA program at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Tong also studied and worked for many years in the industrial design field.


Juho Pasila

Juho Pasila is a furniture designer who believes that a product should bring joy to its user but also respond in the best way possible to the use that it has been designed for. Experimentation with materials and solutions is key to his work method and he always develops forms with the final manufacturing techniques in mind.

Sandra Prami

Sandra Prami is studying towards her second Bachelor degree in Design at Aalto University. She has previously graduated with a BA in Graphic design in 2018. Sandra finds her inspiration from working with different materials hands-on, other skilled makers, and objects left behind by the fashions of past decades. She aims to design objects that are like gifts to the user in their daily lives.