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Signals 2022 – Habitare’s trend exhibition

Habitare’s experiential Signals exhibition will explore future trends in interior decoration, housing and design, and will discuss social phenomena and megatrends through four different themes. The exhibition will be designed and produced by the trend analyst Susanna Björklund and the designer Sisse Collander, Interior Architect SIO.



Nature is part of our lives and our humanity. In the urbanizing world and during exceptional times the meaning of nature is highlighted. We haven´t really changed as humans since the stone ages. We need the untamed nature and a bit of magic in our lives. New luxury is diverse. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Home should have irrational elements that make us feel good.


Many of us have had to rethink our values. Amongst all other uncertainties of our time, the climate change demands heavy actions from everyone. What is meaningful now? Genuine things, hand crafted products, few long lasting quality classics and transparency of the people behind the products feels good. How are your values reflected in your home?


The sense of being safe can be psychological, physical or both. In the light of recent years, the meaning of safety has become essential. The meaning of home as a haven is highlighted more than ever. Products with a history and a story behind them grow roots to us. Colours, rich textures and coziness bring warmth to homes. What kind of home emphasizes wellness and calms you down?

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