Habitare’s experiential Signals exhibition will explore future trends in interior decoration, housing and design, and will discuss social phenomena and megatrends through four different themes. The exhibition will be designed and produced by the trend analyst Susanna Björklund and the designer Sisse Collander. Explore the themes below!


No one manages on their own; people are basically social animals. Our culture of helping out our neighbours has supported us for a long time. Only together will it be possible to solve major challenges, including in the circular economy and sustainable development.

The illusion of time

Time can fly or drag, depending on our perspective. We are all in a real hurry to take part in combatting climate change. As individuals, we tend to create a sense of urgency for ourselves, whether it is real or not. How can we make the home an oasis of tranquillity?

Water, the oldest medicine

Water is more present in our lives than we think. People are mostly water. It is estimated that in the future there will be a shortage of fresh water and that new business will emerge around it. Watching water calms us down. How is water present in our homes?

Empathy and emotional data

We make most decisions based on emotion. We need more and more emotional intelligence and empathy. Without eye contact in digital communication, we are more likely to misunderstand each other. The audio aspects of communication are likely to become more important. What kind of home awakens positive emotions and encourages us to be present?

We all have our own bubbles

We each look at the world from our own subjective starting point and consider that to be the truth. It is surprisingly difficult to understand people whose life situations or values are different. Fortunately, we see diversity as enriching our lives, and open-minded debate is taking place across Europe. Soft shapes have found their way into our homes, as a reflection of our values.

In Cooperation