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Habitare Areas

Habitare is divided into five different areas based on the products and themes they present. The areas of Habitare are AHEAD, FOLKDECOR, ANTIIKKI AT HABITARE and HABITARE PRO LOUNGE.


AHEAD is a curated meeting place for presenting and selling the latest design. All the special exhibitions of Habitare as well as young designers are seen here, and the architecture of the area is part of the experience.

Theme areas of AHEAD are Habitare Light, Habitare Startup and Ethical area.

Habitare light  Habitare startup
Ethical area  Special areas in habitare


FOLK is an area for home decoration where you will find bathrooms, saunas, furnaces, furniture, home appliances and prefabricated houses.

In the FOLK area there is also Habi Kids. Habi Kids theme area is dedicated to children.

Habi Kids


DECOR is an area for interior decoration accessories and services. It is a home decorator’s paradise with great finds.


Habitare Pro Lounge is a meeting point for professional visitors at Habitare, where you can meet colleagues and business representatives at pre-arranged meetings. Habitare Pro Lounge will be held as a part of Habitare from 9 to 11 September in 2020.

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Antiikki at Habitare will bring together experts, collectors, professionals, enthusiasts, and the general public. Antiques dealers will present antiques, more recent retro designs, collector’s items, and art.

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