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Habitare is investing in sound this year!

In the Folk area, Hall 7, there will be a wide range of hi-fi on offer. The Genelec Lounge will offer the ultimate in sound reproduction, including a top performance by Darudel! In this area you will find stands from Gigant and Power, where you can discover a range of products including sound systems, home technology and digital.

If you’re really into dancing, you should also visit the Habitare themed exhibition on Thursday, which combines disco and design from 17:00 to 19:00. With a DJ, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition while dancing.

Shopping Night with Darude on Friday 15.9.

During Friday evening, Habitare Shopping night at Folk-hall – benefits and special offers to the tune of Darude!

Darude, one of the world’s most famous dance artists, will perform at Habitare’s Friday night from 18-19.The artist who rose to global success with his turn-of-the-century hit Sandstorm needs little introduction! The show will take place in the Genelec Lounge, a venue in the Folk area that offers the ultimate in sound. Come with your friends for good company, drinks and a gig, while making great bargains from the area’s exhibitors!

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Habi Hour – sparkling wine with 20% discount!


The entire restaurant offering at Messukeskus has been renewed, and a splendid array of intriguing restaurant brands has been introduced to the premises. Starting from the Habitare fair, you can savor new taste experiences, including the iconic Lilla Strindberg, the burger chain Friends & Brgrs, which is known for its high-quality and locally sourced ingredients, as well as Hanko Aasia, which combines Asian flavors. You can also look forward to Rooftop Bistro & Cafe, Paddington Pub, Café Milano, Fair Buffet by Pihka, and many other delightful dining establishments

On Friday from 18:00 to 20:00, you can enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine or a glass of champagne at a 20% discount in all restaurants at Messukeskus!

See the full line-up and come and enjoy

Top-notch performances for the price of an expo ticket!

Darude Live @ Genelec Lounge

Darude is a name that needs no introduction. Darude’s turn-of-the-century hit ‘Sandstorm’ has become a global trance anthem, with over 600 million streams on streaming services and hailed as one of the most iconic dance tracks of all time. In addition to Sandstorm, Darude’s four studio albums have earned him several hits including Music and Next to You. A DJ who tours extensively around the world, he has also been awarded three Emma statues.

Darude kicked off 2023 by releasing new music and the Finnish megastar is opening new doors in his career with his new Vibing Out label. The new label is inspired by Darude’s weekly #VibingOut live streams on Twitch. Vibing Out aims to continue the same community-driven approach, embracing new technologies and providing a platform for new electronic music talent. The label’s first release is the Outlaws single by Darude, House Body and Oskr.

Date: 15.9.2023 18.00–19.00

Location: Genelec Lounge

DJ Slow LIVE @ Genelec Lounge

DJ Slow, who plays infectious and addictive dance music, has been performing around the world for over 30 years. This artist, who has written, produced, and mixed music for various artists, films, and TV shows, will get the Habitare audience dancing on Friday at the Genelec Lounge

Date: 15.9.2023 15.00–17.00

Location: Genelec Lounge


OODA & Dial Mo @ Genelec Lounge

Artistic duo OODA & Dial Mo´ join forces to warm up the decks with their energetic, pop & rap combo set in anticipation of the evening’s main star Darude! OODA is an upbeat and strong-sounding, modern pop female artist from Lahti. Turku-based Dial Mo´ makes lyrics ahead of the flowing pop rap and interprets emotional states from side to side in her songs. The duo has done several joint projects since 2022.
@oodafficial @dialmofficial

Date: 15.9.2023 17:20 – 17:50

Location: Genelec Lounge



Genelec Lounge

The Genelec Lounge in the middle of the Folk Hall will be serving up the best of the best in sound at the fair. In addition, on Friday 15 September, the Genelec Lounge will host Darude and DJ Slow! Not to be missed!

Come and say hello to the Genelec experts at stand 6k58. Genelec staff will be on hand to help you with all your audio needs, while you get to see Genelec Home Audio products such as the stunning Fennia Prize-winning 6040R Smart Active speakers, G Series active speakers and F Series active subwoofers.


With the same ticket, you can also attend the Hifimessut!

During the same exhibition weekend on September 16-17, Messukeskus will host the Hifimessut – Finland’s largest and most significant exhibition event for high-quality audio equipment.

You can access the Hifimessut with your Habitare exhibition ticket!

Would you like to experience what it’s like to sit in the middle of an orchestra? Or how vinyl records can evoke emotions you had forgotten? Or how top-notch headphones can take you to entirely new dimensions? And let’s not forget that high-end audio equipment can be stunningly beautiful to look at. Immerse yourself in the world of high-end audio and let music take you on an unforgettable journey. You can expect an impressive showcase of the world’s top brands and equipment, all the way up to the ultra-high-end level.

Explore the Hifimessut at the same time, as your Habitare exhibition ticket grants you access to both events!

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