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Habitare 2022 exhibition design by Ilkka Suppanen

Habitare 2022 exhibition design will be conceived by designer Ilkka Suppanen. The exhibition design originally conceived for the 2020 Habitare is entitled as Siltatyömaa (‘Bridge Works’). Siltatyömaa will be built from wood, to comply with the concept of sustainable development. The underlying idea is that the exhibition structures could be used for as long as possible.

“The exhibition design has been inspired by the bridge construction sites that you see especially in the summer, with beautiful and light wooden structures. They have great structural beauty in them. Light shines through the roof of bridge construction structures in a special way, creating strips of light and shadow among the people. In the Nordic countries, architecture is often strict in form and full of straight lines, but light and shadow add a more playful element, creating a fun combination”, says Ilkka Suppanen about the idea behind the exhibition design.

Ilkka Suppanen is one of today’s most well-known Finnish designers, who is known for his light, forward-looking, and classic Scandinavian style.

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